Who I became ? Inspired by Human adventures
Delphine GIMAT

Global citizen born in France

Speaks : French, English

with a splash of Spanish 

My name is Delphine, When people look at my full profile and listen to my story, some of them don't believe me, running away, while others see the opportunities it has to offer.

Resilient, passionate, and curious, I consciously chose to work alongside different panel of stakeholders into job positions, which by their title might not catch your attention, except if you read what were the intentions behind. For years, I strengthened a versatile profile to an international scale making no sense for some, except to the one seeking new perspectives and altruism. 


I the past five years, I have matured significant professional experience as a marketing analyst and travel consultant working in Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, and the UK.  Holding cross-disciplinary experiences and diplomas in the fields of Geography, Sociology, Commerce, Management and Landscaping allows me to understand the systems in a big picture. 

- Diploma of Business (Melbourne Australia) 

- Master’s degree in Human and Social Sciences in the field of Geography, Development and Sociology (awarded 2015 with upper second class honours), with a specialization in Leisure activities, Tourism, and Country Planning, for Professional purposes. 

- Bachelor degree in Law, Economics, Management, (awarded 2012 with upper second class honours) specialisation Mountain Trades. 

- Professional bachelor’s degree in Commerce, awarded 2011 with lower second class honours) specialisation: Management and Distribution: Management of Agricultural, Horticultural or Food Product Department in the Law, Economics Management area. 

- Advanced vocational training certificate in agriculture diploma (awarded 2010 with lower second class honours) specialisation Landscaping