Why Thailand ?

It was Delphine first experience as a female solo traveller outside a western country. This experiment engaged to go out of my comfort zone to identify the challenges linked to this practice. Thailand is recognised as a 'safe' country to travel as a solo female. 



- Observations and understanding of the evolution of the Thai culture facing increasing tourism.

- Giving herself daily challenges, she lived like and with backpacker, going with the flow. She also discovered the power of storytelling, social media and the Facebook communities in the tourism industry. 

- Analyse of the interactions between different generations of independents travellers in youth hostels. 

- Experimentation of social approach and interactions with the local population 

- Experience and analyse of local culture discovery by immersions guided and non guided. Elephant tourism influences. 



Why New-Caledonia ? 

Back in her Masters, one of Delphine classmate was a Kanak. She explained her lifestyle and how tourism is in her country.



Delphine had the chance to be introduced and experience the Kanak tribe lifestyle. That way, I developed my awareness around the impact of tourism and also the French colonisation on those communities. She interviewed 'Caldoche' and french expats to get their own perspective around the New-Caledonian situation. 

She observed the french independent traveller behaviours and understand the reasons and intentions behind their travels.