" I have met Delphine in May 2018 when I arrived in Vancouver at the airport. Since then I can truly say that Delphine helped me a lot to achieve my goals and she is one of the best person I know for many reasons that I’m happy to share with you. Delphine and I became friends directly and we improved each other in different ways. She has changed my vision of traveling and I learnt a lot from her on personal development, sustainable tourism, respect of the environment and interaction with other travellers. She helped me to find a place to live in Banff, Canada as well as a job in a prestigious sport store called Monodsports. Fan of the outdoors, she taught me a lot about long hikes in the stunning mountains of Canada and we discovered Vancouver by biking and walking. We met again in Picton, New Zealand where she offered me to stay in her share house with kiwi people. She was working in both places at the visitor centre (Lake Louise, Canada and i-Site in Picton, New-Zealand) and I could notice how hard she was working to help travellers the best way she could, like she did with me. We were working a bit together in Picton in a café and I learnt from her about time management, leadership and how to give the best of ourselves while working. Delphine had two jobs at that time and she was always fully energized and positive without any sign of fatigue or irritation. During that time spent with her, I could notice that Delphine was always working on personal development and well-being, for her, but also for her friends and tourists whom she helped. She believes that nature can be the remedy of many neurological conditions like depression and anxiety, so do I.  

She wrote a very interesting article that describes her and her ideas about how to reduce the impact of tourism and it will give you the perfect vision of Delphine. She is passionate about what she does and her strong motivation, perseverance and intellectual capacities are a guarantee for success. She is also determined, hard-worker, respectful, reliable, honest, generous and energic. On top of that she is very social and a friendly person who will be a much willed colleague by everyone."

" Delphine led a mission to develop a mountain bike offer for our tourist destination “Bastide et Vignoble du Gaillac”. Her task was survey the supply and demand of the tourists and the club users, to research on opportunities and feasibility of the development of the above-mentioned supply in the context of our tourist development strategy, the comparative research of the quality labels FFC ( French Cycling Federation) and FFCT ( French Bicycle touring Federation), of organized in meetings with all the business partners and to help choosing the labels. Miss Delphine Gimat showed efficiency, independence, and good strategic comprehension of her task. She had learned to lead this strategic mission in partnership with the tourist office team, the institutional partners and the clubs. Her professional skills and her technical knowledge of the subject allowed us to validate our commitment in this project, to mobilize whole partners and to quickly undertake the technical work in the choice of labels and the definition of trails/itineraries. This work allowed us to continue the project now of the creation of mountain bike trails. Delphine Gimat's professional implications have brought us to propose to her a seasonal work like for example a tourism advisor in the tourist office during summer 2012. She knew to adapt herself a different way of welcoming, of information and advice during her stay at our site and after she spending time with the visitors. Miss Gimat also demonstrated a great professional implication in the management if this task."

"Delphine Gimat is an amazing person. She works religiously and is highly professional. I haven’t seen someone with such high work ethics as she does. I highly recommend her" 

"Delphine is a positive, enthusiastic, altruistic person open to the world and encounters, who knows how to share and share the best of her experiences."

" Delphine se devait de réaliser l’implantation d’un rayon ainsi que toute sa gestion, son implication a été bien au-delà. Polyvalente, elle n’a eu de cesse de s’intéresser à ce qu’elle faisait en réfléchissant à des axes de développement, de communication et à des actions nous permettant d’améliorer le bon fonctionnement de notre activité. Son regard neuf, loin d’une certaine routine, a été bénéfique à bien des égards. Volontaire, dynamique, intelligente, bosseuse… autant d’atouts tout à son honneur qui me permettent de dire qu’elle a un avenir devant elle.  Richard Bach a écrit dans Jonathan Livingston le Goéland : « Brisez vos limites, faites sauter les barrières de vos contraintes, mobilisez votre volonté, exigez votre liberté comme un droit, soyez ce que vous voulez être. Découvrez ce que vous aimeriez faire et faites tout votre possible pour y parvenir »…. C’est tout à fait son profil, elle peut le faire et en plus elle le mérite..." 

" During her time with us, Delphine proved herself to be a very effective salesperson. She was able to meet and exceed sales targets, and was adept at meeting all required KPIs.  On a personal note, Delphine was a pleasure to work with and we are quite sad to be losing her. She was reliable and very hardworking, fun and easy going. I believe she would be an asset to any workplace and you would be lucky to have her working for you." 

" Delphine worked for the Chilterns Tourism Network in 2014. Delphine has shown initiative and brought potential solutions and insight to the destination branding and awareness-building projects the Network is undertaking. Delphine was happy to take on a number of challenging tasks; not least of all presenting her work to the board of directors in English, who were very impressed with her professionalism and growing linguistic confidence in a language that is not her first. We wish her well in what we expect to be a successful career in tourism. "

"I highly recommend Delphine for any position or endeavor that she might seek to pursue. She will a valuable asset to any organization. " 

Delphine is such a kind and considerate person with a wealth of travel experience. She has an endlessly positive outlook and is always able to find a solution to problems that may arise. I witnessed this first hand during my time working with her at the Picton i-Site. She was always happy to go above and beyond to ensure that customers had a thoroughly enjoyable time exploring New Zealand." 

Delphine is committed to her study, and her determination and high standards in completing whatever was required to succeed is remarkable. She gives complete satisfaction in her work. She is autonomous, has excellent interpersonal skills, and is an effective team member with great spirit."

"Grace to Delphine sparkling personality, her quick wit, sense of humour and deeply engrained eagerness to do things well and in a timely manner, Delphine found it easy to fit in to our establishment or we found it easy- more to the point. I can only recommend Delphine- for whatever position, in whatever (people-focussed) industry and I have no hesitation, she will soon become an important asset to her future employers."

" From the outset Delphine proved herself to be a very valuable member of the team, providing her own valuable ideas, experience and knowledge, and a complete willingness to learn new skills to help with the day to day running and upkeep of our large tropical greenhouse, and 10-acre nursery. Her ability to work alongside any member of the team as well as many hours carrying out tasks unattended, meant she was very adaptable to any situation. And despite English not being her first language proved to be an extremely good communicator. Delphine throughout her time within the company proves herself a very popular member of the team, and forged many friendships. Living props would not hesitate to re-employ her in the future at any opportunity."

" I have had the delight of working with Delphine Montoya for the past six months, and I gladly offer myself as a referee for any prospective employer. With passion, Delphine delivers exceptional customer service, and her genuine approach has translated to sales, while complimenting our atmosphere in the store. She handles tasks with vigor and attention to detail that can be relied upon, and she will be greatly missed." 

"Delphine fait preuve d'un grand dynamisme, d'enthousiasme et de sérieux dans la réalisation de ses projets, tant dans le travail de recherche, de conception que dans les rendus écrits ou oraux."

"I have been very impressed by the initiative Delphine has shown as well as hard work she has displayed. As we are a new company her input has been invaluable as it has left us with a good database to build on. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her."

"I certainly recommend Delphine for a position with your company and would be very happy to have her back on my team again if she were interested. Whatever Delphine decides to do…She will be an outstanding add on to your team!"

"I had the pleasure to study/work with Delphine, she’s very professional, smart and a team player. She’s always looking for the best solutions taking her environment into account, she has an analytical mind and she knows how to use the tools she has to carry out projects. She is also determined, motivated (and motivating!) and always ready for new challenges!" 

"Delphine has been such a valuable consultant!. She is incredibly committed, driven, trustworthy, and efficient with the work she does. She really goes above and beyond. The mix of her incredible knowledge and experience, with her ability to thoroughly research and her creativity to generate new ideas, is an incredible combination, making her amazing to work with. The research, ideation, and action we have done together have been very fruitful for my business. I would recommend her to anyone - such a valuable asset! Thanks Delphine "