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"Bring nature into the space"

Create spaces and a mindset fostering well-being & productivity. 

1h Workshop including activities, tips, to create healthier places to work and live, bringing nature into the place + informative documents.

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" Digital consumption management" 

Identify the digital habits and learn to improve it.

1h Workshop including activities to organize personalized 'digital detox' programs + informative documents. 

"Bring the travel spark into daily lives"  

Identify the travel/tourism habits and organization strategy. Learn to make the best of the travel experiences and how to transit smoothly into a daily routine.



1h program. A safe place free of judgment including activities and tips, avoiding post-holiday syndrome, and stay productive at work. 

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Experiencing a day to disconnect, and reconnect with people, nature, and the self. Go out of the comfort zone, explore the backyard, identify the digital habits,and learn to make the best of life including how to transit smoothly back into a daily routine.

Full day escape.

A safe place free of judgment including activities and tips, to build a more resilient and sustainable lifestyle.  

In collaboration with 

Chloe Favre

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"Playground for Adults" 


Learn to go back to the essential and basics of life. Develop social skills and teamwork. 


2h program in collaboration with Samantha SACCHI  from 'The Self Club'  including team building games creating meaningful connexions and dynamism.    

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