Studies prove that vacation and breaks, immersed into Nature, give alternative ways to improve our well-being. 

It is why at Experience_Once we design and experiment programs giving away tools to improve people lifestyles .

We use adventure-based activities such as traveling, DIY, mindfullness and hiking as pathways to personal transformation and well-being. 

Choosing us is being part of a research-led international project toward finding alternative solutions to improve human well-being.

In collaboration with 

Chloe Favre

Back to Nature. 

Nature and adventure into your space 

Create a mindset and spaces fostering well-being & productivity.


This 1h Workshop includes activities, tips and un informative document to create healthier places to work and live. It has been tested with KMPG consulting in Melbourne. 

Playgrounds for adults
Experi(e)ne to disconnect and reconnect with the inner child

With Samantha Sacchi Muci from the Self-Club, we organised several 2H playgrounds for adults in Melbourne. Spaces to disconnect from the real world using play as a pathway toward wellbeing. 

Travel in lockdown.

Bring the travel spark into your daily life

Identify the travel/tourism habits and organization strategy. Learn to make the best of the travel experiences and how to transit smoothly into a daily routine.

This 1h workshop gives a safe place to share, including activities and tips to avoid post-holiday syndrome, and stay productive at work.

As travel coach I supported many backpackers and expat around the world.

Hike and camp
Eperi(e)ne to set a camp and survive sleeping in the wilderness

I organised several first night coaching exploration learning outdoor skills : set a tent, cook on a fire, sleeping under the stars, overnight hike, etc. This program showed the impact of a night out in the wild on sleeping, mood processing, digital disconnection, physical exercise, etc.

Transformational adventure

Experi(e)ne hiking to disconnect and reconnect

Experience a day to disconnect, and reconnect with people, nature, and the self. Go out of the comfort zone, explore your backyard while learning how to transit smoothly back into a daily routine.

Two 30min meetings pre and post 1 full-day hiking escape offering a safe place to share including a manual and activities and tips, to build a more resilient and sustainable lifestyle.  

In Australia, Canada and New-Zealand, I organised diverses days out including hikes and activities.

With Sandy Moreau as Yoga teacher and Perrine Garda as life coach  we tried this program in France.  

Travel coaching 

As life coach for travellers, I supported several backpackers and expat to find out why they do travel, how to set a new life in a new country and how to come back in their home countries. Though as set of questions and activities, together we try to make smoother transitions inbetween the different worlds (finding a job, organise the next trip, etc.)