The challenge of keeping this travel spark coming back home

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Everyday we have to face obligations, challenges and choices. Vacations and breaks are times that allow ourselves to refill our energy. Chosen wisely those times of freedom can help to recover, reconnect with the present, with others, with nature and our authentic self. However, psychologists found that the emotional boost of vacation provided last about 3 to 4 weeks when we go back to work. So, why wait for the next vacation to get that positive boost ? How to keep the spark of travel in your daily life? 

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As you might have already heard, travelling is mainly about the journey, interacting and connecting with people on the way while having experiences. However the challenge is to preserve this positive spark into the daily lives. How to do not hit the post travel depression ?

As I faced this situation, I had to give it a thought and find solutions. How ? Each day I try to give myself a little challenge, a little adventure being mindful while organising the next travel. Exposing myself to new experiences at my doorstep, via practising activities, meeting new people, opening my mind to new perspectives and injecting this pleasure I get when I travel is one of my key. I explore again hidden traits of my personality, feeding my own needs, identifying healthy boundaries while processing a wider range of emotions. A part of this mindset is boosted by connecting with people and nature. However, to create meaningful connections can be difficult and even more in a country that is not yours. As an introvert, believe me, this is one of my main challenge but the key is to face the fears and to do it anyway.

I go regularly out of my comfort zone pushing myself to connect with new people trying to inspire others. I developed many tricks to engage conversations and one of them is by doing an activity. It is still work in progress but each step brings improvement and sometimes with some guidance this kind of experiences can become a total transformation.

To practise an activity or a sport, going into nature, disconnecting to reconnect with the present while connecting with like minded people has been proven to be the alternative to reduce mental health dissorder. It is one of the reason that I am pleased to organise social events with Samantha Sacchi from The Self Academy. Her as life coach and me as "travel mentor", we are here to empower others to use some time to also push their limits, embrace their full potential, discovering how capable they are while connecting with others. We create spaces with free of judgement rules where you are free to be your authentique self. 

Go have a look on her website, she is an amazing human who organises workshops related to self-development. On my side, I try to develop new products and techniques around travel and tourism as a consultant and on my spare times I organise mindful hikes and little adventures.

Then, once a month, we bring our strength together and organise the "Playgrounds for adults" in Melbourne. The first one, 10 people dared to connect through an exciting real life experience, the second we greeted 30 amazing humans.

The concept of ‘Playground for Adults’, is an experience full of epic, silly and fun games that make your inner child go wild! 🐒

We want to explore new ways to connect by having fun and also getting a little bit out of our comfort zone!

How, you ask? By going out, playing games, trying things perhaps we've never tried before, embracing silence and vulnerability, while having loads of fun.

We are always exploring new ways to connect, enjoy life and find meaning. Isn't that what life is all about?

Leave your auto-pilot, ditch the routine and come have a little fun with us. 🙆🏻‍♀️

As kids, the opportunities for play were endless. As adults, we rarely get to play and some of us even forget how to. Well, adults deserve to play too! The importance of play is huge:

• Relieves stress & boosts creativity

• Improves relationships & your connection to others

• Keeps you feeling young & energetic

• It's exercising without even knowing it ;)

• It’s FUUUUN!

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Ready to join us ? This is what they thought ...

" I just want to reach out and say that I am truly thankfully for you organising the playground for adults. I'm still feeling really positive and have been in a good mood all week all from interacting with new people and letting go on my inhibition and self doubt. " D.

"Thank you, it was a fabulous day and you guys had a great initiative with this activity." L.

"I had a great time on Saturday arvo. Really enjoyed the games, company and how both of you led the activities. I felt like I was back in my childhood days. Goof stuff! " C. (N.Z)

Thank you immensely for the wonderful event organised today. You have indeed helped me overcome my fears.” D. (Pakistan)

It was such a great and unique day yesterday. I’ve never before had 2 hours communicating with people without saying a word! Thank you for organising it, and being so friendly.” D. (India)

It’s been absolutely wonderful day, and the event was incredible. It’s honestly went so well, and everyone said  how fun it was. You’ve started some amazing connections, and made a lot of people who I think we’re feeling a little disconnected very happy… Myself included. ” L. (England)

(Photo : Andrew.Banzon.production)

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