I have always been immersed in nature, living in many parts of France and the world, exploring some of the most incredible places. I am used to organizing travel and outdoor trips for people. I also volunteered to organize outdoor activities events such as “Les sensations Sevenoles” and participated in different related competitions.


From 2017, I practice overnight solo traveling and trekking while empowering new hikers to follow my steps into nature going out of their comfort zone. Both are pathways to learn, grow, challenging yourself. #bethechangeyouwishttoseeintheworld Project.


From farmer to resilience and sustainable tourism specialist, (via landscaper/gardener, visitor experience specialist, and sales representative for outdoors shops), I have acquitted a global understanding of how to design, maintain, bring dynamics and promote hiking and cycling paths (slow tourism). I also do my best to empower, giving the best experience to people who want to explore those activities and spaces safely.

of the outdoors 

2010, Assistant cycling instructor. College Albert Camus. (France)

2012, Offered mountain biking path network in the Pays Vignoble Gaillacois (France) that opened and labeled quality FFC in July 2015.


2014, Worked on different projects related to sustainable mobilities, hiking events, itinerant activities in the UK alongside the Chilterns Tourism Network.

I also developed a business concept to transport luggage in a collaborative way to serve the itinerant tourism. 


2015, Offered sustainable mobilities including hiking paths connecting areas in Les Baux de Provence (France).


2017, as a leader, I greeted and organized day trips, including hiking around Victoria in Australia.

Summers 2012 (France), 2018 (Lake Louise, Ca), 2019(Picton, NZ), I worked for visitors center, located in remote areas, specializing myself in advising and organizing travel experiences related to outdoor activities and slow tourism.

2017 and 2019 Worked for Mountain Design and Fjallraven outdoor shops, advising hiking and travel gears; giving some tips, personalizing each experience regarding their project and profile.


From 2017, I have been doing some research about :

- How to bring the “spark” we have while we experience an adventure into our daily routine to avoid post-travel blues.

- How can we compensate for the lack of those experiences in situations of physical immobility such as lockdown or personal restrictions? I have been experimenting with solutions toward human well-being and natural respect and balance with the ecosystem.

 Solo overnight trek :

2018 - 2 days : The Surf Coast Walk (Oz)

2018 - 3 days : Wilson Promontory loop (Oz)

2019 - 2 days : Angelus hut (Nz)

2020 - 5 days : The first part of the Grampians Peaks Trail (Oz)

 Group overnight trekking :

2017 - 6 days : Overland track (Tasmania)

2018 - 2 days : Abbot Pass (Canada)

2019 - 3 days : The Queen Charlotte Track (NZ)


Many hikes in the Canadian Rockies, Europe (France, England), Morrocco, New-Caledonia and New-zealand as leader or solo.

 Cycling :

- Road cycling competition: FFC Albi club

- 6 years mountain biking X country competition

- 3 days team raid competition(Multi outdoor


- 2012 : Certification FFC cycling instructor



- Plan and organize adventures: choose the gears, health and safety, food, etc.

- Unique hiking experience in a transformative and sustainable way: behaviors, nature and mental health tips, DIY, physical experience, endurance, breath, stretching, read a map, orientation.

- Assistant hiking and cycling instructors

- Hiking leader and coordinator

- Tools to anticipate the post-travel experience

- Create and develop hiking events

- Create and develop sustainable hiking or cycling paths in tourism destinations