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1. Get outside, exercise in Nature & Feel good

2. Learn tips and tricks to improve your daily well-being from passionate professionals

3. Socialise with like-minded people and be part of a supportive community

4. Support the local economy and the environment

5. Contribute to the research sector

6. Relax we get all ready for you 

Full-day hike
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Our values
“We aim to bring Nature as a priority in human lives”
“Our mission is to empower people to reconnect with Nature and re-integrate it in their lifestyle”

How a typical day looks like 


We organize the pickup





Meet The Team

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Chloé Favre

Participant activation manager and hiking specialist

Delphine Gimat

Research & Development: Resilience and tourism consultant.

Experience_Once Founder

Develop research project

Slow tourism and sustainable mobilities (Hiking, cycling specialist)


I can advise : 

  • Preparation / organisation : choose the gears, health and safety, food, etc.

  • Hiking behaviours, nature and mental health tips, DIY, physical experience, endurance, breath, stretching, read a map, orientation 

  • Geology, meteorology, wildlife, plants

  • Adventure and self-development

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Carolyne Huber

Business operations and business liaison manager