2016 - Elan Développement 

Sustainable development, land use planning, land management, destination marketing strategy. Focus on solutions to reduce the impacts of tourism while developing the attractivity in the destinations.

We developed sustainable mobilities such as hiking and cycling path in "Les Baux de Provence" district district council to spread the flux of tourists in a destination that reached its resilience capacity.  

Implementation of solutions and action plan reducing the impacts of outdoors activities in Massif de La Gardiole natural park.


Document :  

Mobilities : Problematics regarding the flux / movement of people in destinations facing important environmental resilience challenges. What management strategy should be adopted in those areas ? 

2015 - Luggage transport in itinerant tourism (Start up project)

Diagnosis and market research seeking the opportunities to develop a company who transfer luggage in a collaborative economic context to structure the itinerant tourism product in South West of France. 

2012 -Pays vignoble Gaillacois destination 

Sustainable mobility. Outdoors recreation. Survey. Technical meetings. Conceptualisation. Marketing strategy. Customer service. GIS. Cartography. Landscaping. 

Studied of the opportunities to develop mountain bike path offer recognised by a FFC or FFCT label.

The project has been approved and the trail network opened in July 2015. 


Is it worth developing labelled mountain bike paths following a quality chart to structure and develop a new offer ? What is the most appropriate label to use in France : FFC (Federation Française de Cyclisme) or FFCT (Federation Française de CycloTourisme) ? 

2015 - RDV 3 : "Les rendez-vous de l'innovation touristique" with Pau University 

 Seminar planning, Event management, interventions, marketing, etc. 

Organisation of a seminar regarding innovations in the tourism industry using clusters as governance strategy. "Les clusters tourisme en tant qu’outil d’innovation territoriale". 

2015 - "Les sensations cévenoles  " with La maison de la montagne 

Volunteering to organise the outdoor event developing people awareness and connect them back to nature through outdoors activities and real human connexions.  

2011 - Toulousaine garden centre 

Market research to improve the customer experience and how to modernise the company. Marketing. Development strategy. Customer service. Gardening as a leisure in the French culture. Team management. Merchandising. 

I conduct a project toward finding ways to re-increase the average of customer spending in this business who knew an increase of the number of customers while facing a decrease of the average customer spent.  

2010 -"1000 Etoiles pour l'enfance" association 

Outdoor and cultural garden design. Landscaping. Cartography (GIS). Geography. 

Conceptualisation of an innovative attraction linked to a social purpose.  

2008 - Brens school educational outdoor event 

Event planning. Education. Organisation of an excursion to "Sivens" forest, to develop pupil awareness regarding the role and interaction between human and nature. 


2016 - Tourism Pyrénées-Gascogne bank 

Local tourism development strategy. Visitor experience. RFID development system. Solutions to create a link between the bank and the local tourism stakeholders. Conceptualisation and solutions to create a local network generating attraction for the local businesses.

2013 - Pyrénées National parc 

Territorial diagnostic and development strategy (Vallée d'Aure area). Design thinking. Research. Land use planning. Destination marketing strategy. Survey. Interviews. Conceptualisation. Action plan. 

2010 - Villeneuve sur Vère district council 

Land use planning. Public area management and landscaping. Design of a public area to bring dynamism in the centre of the village using urban and landscaping techniques. Visitor journey. Local population wellbeing. 

2009 -Cap'Découverte (Fr) outdoors activities park

Outdoor sport theme park development entrance. Landscaping. Design. Team management. Land use planning. 

Design of an attractive entrance for a famous theme park linked to its marketing strategy.