From 2017- Travel mentor - Hiking leader 

On her spare time, Delphine greet travellers, expat in Melbourne and organise activities including mindful hikes empowering each of them in their first step in Australia. Expatriation in a new country is challenging and the transitions in a new place and also coming back home are challenging. To bring a smooth transition, I guide each of them to go through those periods of anxiety, depression and doubt. 

She also supports Chloé Favre in her project "Hiking Tribe" as she wants to bring people closer to nature and reduce mental health disorders using hiking. 

=> Journey through Tasmania, hiking the Overland track. Click here to access the experiment linked to a multiday hike and digital detox. 

2019- ' Playground for adults ' with the  Self Club

As consultant Delphine helped Samantha Sacchi from The Self Club to expand her offer, creating new products to develop human awareness. That way, every month they organized social events including games to create real human connections. A social experiment engaging alternatives insights to develop people awareness regarding the impact of their behaviours on themselves and their surroundings. Also, a way to create meaningful connexions between humans using activities, community to reduce anxiety and depression. 

Delphine also conducts market research studies to explore the opportunities of evolutions. 

2017- Volunteering for " Melbourne Flower show' and for "French Bastille day"

Greeting the visitors, Delphine had the chance to analyze the organization of events in Melbourne. She could approach different profiles of people to see their interest in such events and activities. 

2020- Co-created a tool pre-travel and post-travel mindset experience with 'Hello Xolotl"  Delphine co-created with Lourdes Zamanillo a tool inviting the traveler to self-reflection pre and post-travel maximizing the travel guided experience with 'Hello Xolotl". 

2020- Two sessions of 'Disconnect to reconnect Workshops ' for KPMG consulting

Organisation of two workshop sessions to bring nature and adventure into workers lives and balance their lifestyle concerning digital consumption. 

2017 and 2019- Sales assistant - Customer service retail 

Delphine worked for outdoor shops (Mountain Design and Fjallraven) approaching the travellers coming to Oz and going to Europe, helping them to gear up. It was an opportunity to try new ways to influence the visitors in a retail context, using Emotional Intelligence (EI) techniques to help them to prepare their adventures.  

2017- "Jetsport Pty Ltd" 

Delphine advised Nicolas D'anna  regarding public grants applications and different ways to earn money regarding the company situation. She had the opportunity to analyze the role of thematic communities, social innovation to increase wellbeing and real human connections in destinations. She also facilitated the connection between The Self Club and Jetsport to collaborate on a common event. 

2020- "Regeneration Projects" UNWTO application 

Delphine took part in the brainstorming regarding the application of the "Regeneration Projects" UNWTO grant alongside Matt Sykes and the Young Tourism Leader Network. 

2020- "Cinealta" E-marketing strategy  

Delphine advised Geraldine Taylor regarding her website and online marketing strategy.

Why Australia ?

Australia was the First Working Holiday Visa and expatriation as solo for Delphine. Australia being the first destination to go for French people for their first working holiday visa, she knew she could find them easily to understand them better. Also Australia having an immigration strategy around the holiday makers, she wanted to understand new ways to regulate tourism. She chose to live in an Australian family to have a better understanding of this culture. 


- Traveller behaviours. Organisation and behaviours of the travellers coming to Oz and going to Europe

- Analysed the role of retail in the tourist journey : opportunity to try new ways to influence the visitors in a retail context, using Emotional Intelligence (EI) techniques helping them to prepare their adventures.

- Leadership using an EI approach. Role of being a leader and travel mentor who organise activities and advise travellers. 

- Experienced trekking the Overland Track in Tasmania to understand what are the influences of making pay a track to regulate the number of people in an area as a way to reduce the impacts on the environment. I also analysed all the system associated to this approach.  

-Experienced solo trekking and the influence of being disconnected to technologies on the travel experience , sleep and personal behaviours. 

- Experienced social interactions changing my own behaviours to interpret the influence on others. 

- The power of Facebook communities. 

- 4 months road trip around the country, travelling with two strangers met on a Facebook community. On the way analysing their behaviours and the influences of my own behaviours on their experience and their evolution.

- Interviewed the local population to have their view around the independent travellers (backpackers).

- Interviewed and interacted with aboriginal people in Cooper Piddy / Ayers Rock/ Alice Spring to understand their view and approach regarding tourism and see how Australia integrate them. 

- Transformational travel. Influences of international experiences and interactions on the individual mindset. Identity crisis and post travel depression. 

- Challenges of being a Working holiday maker and international student. 

- Experiment solutions to develop human awareness regarding the impacts of their behaviours on their surrounds and themselves. Also, I experiment solutions to inject the spark that we have while we travel in the daily routine to avoid post travel depression. That way, with some collaborators I organise innovative social events to connect international and local people to increase awareness of the impacts of human behaviours and interactions with S. SACCHI from The Self Club.